In June of 2011, the Junior Horsemen's Club produced an all breed horse show that was sanctioned by AQHA and UPQHA. The show was produced as a charity show and the youth donated all profits from this show to the Gogebic Community College Scholarship Foundation and the U.P. Equifest Horse Fair.  The show's major sponsor was United Ag Services of Ashland, WI and many other sponsors also contributed to make this charity show a huge success.

Left: Club members MaKenzie Long and Dayne Stuhr present a check to Jim Lorenson, Gogebic Community College President. The check was the profits from the club sponsored charity show held in June.
The kids had a get-together shortly after Halloween. Several dressed up with their horses.   They also played games with the horses and discovered that horses do NOT 'Bob for Apples' very well.  They also did an in-hand pole bending class-with a twist. The horses had to go through the poles at a walk or trot the first half of the pattern-but they had to BACK through the second half of the pattern. The youth ended the evening with pizza and snacks while watching the movie 'Secretariat'.
In 2012 the youth group held a fund-raiser to again be able to afford to go to the Midwest Horse Fair. They are also planned a horse show for June 23rd. The show was held in Iron River, WI, as part of a two day show week-end with a show produced by the new Lake Superior Quarter Horse Association. To make the show a financial success again, the youth will be got sponsorships from some local businesses and supporters to pay help show expenses.
It was a very successful Introductory Quarter Horse show, both financially and as a learning experience for club members, parents and adult volunteers. The SVR crew did much of the work in running both days of the two day show.

2013 started out planning for a two day show to be completely run by the Spring Valley Ranch Junior Horsemen's Club, again as a benefit show to help Gogebic Community College with equine studies and programs. In April, several members and parents, along with club advisor, Doreen Passuello, attended the Midwest Horse Fair. Unfortunately, that week-end brought snow and cold just like every other week-end from February through the middle of May. This unseasonably cold and wet spring weather also put a damper on the club's two day show week-end. both with rain during the show and some cancellations before the show due to riders who could not get their horses ready to show in early June due to the late snow storms. Still, the two day AQHA Introductory Shows, which were held in Saxon, WI at the Iron County Fairgrounds, were successful and participants enjoyed two very well run shows with national level judges officiating. Youth, parents, and adult advisors were completely in charge of setting up and running the shows, which was a big job and a great learning experience. SVR Club members and advisors would like to say a big 'thank you' to show office volunteers Dee Dee Lorenson and Lori and Brittany Bennetts who volunteered their time so willingly on the show days, as well as Claire Jewess who was the show's major sponsor, in honor of her late father Arvid Anderson.

After our June show, it was a too short but very busy summer with many group training sessions, shows, fairs and ending with a great fall trail ride. Many of our group showed at the UP Championship Show in September and EVERY Horse and Rider came home with a Grand or Reserve Championship Award! What a fantastic end to the year's shows!
Spring Valley Ranch Horsemen's Club

January 2014- The Spring Valley Ranch Junior Horsemen's Club has been changed to the  'Spring Valley Ranch Horsemen's Club' to incorporate all age riders and horsemen to be directly involved in the club. Non-profit incorporation papers are curently being filed.

The major 2014 club sponsored event will be a two day open horse show at the Gogebic County Fairgrounds, Ironwood, MI on June 14th and 15th. The club is also sponsoring a FREE 'Ride the Patterns' Clinic at 5 PM on Friday June 13th to help all showmen prepare for the week-end competitions. The clinic will be insturctied by various professional horsemen.

Proceeds from our 2014 SVR shows are earmarked to assist in sending  our youth members to the 2014 All american Quarter Horse Congress. Many of our youth are working hard to be ready to show thier horses at 'Congress' and serveral others hope to attend as helpers to learn for future years. Many adult club members plan to attend Congress as chaperones, or as competitors themsleves.

Other 2014 events will include group training and schooling sessions, fun days, such as group trail rides and cowboy polo matches, and many horse shows. At overnight horse shows and fairs, they club exhibits as a group, giving the riders the true feeling of being a 'team'!

Past News

In 2010, the youth riders at Spring Valley Ranch formed the Spring Valley Ranch Junior Horsemen's Club, a youth equestrian club that allows them to participate in education and competitive equine events.

The youth held a fund-raiser early in 2011 to raise money to attend the Midwest Horse Fair. At the Horse Fair, the youth competed in the youth judging contest, saw a professional rodeo (the first live rodeo for many), saw the Grand Prix jumping event and took in all the other great clinics, horses and shopping available. 

In May, the Passuello's hosted a 'Kentucky Derby Party' on Derby Saturday for the youth and their adult advisors and parents. The girls and ladies were required to wear their derby hats. Miah Marchello's hat was judged 'Best Derby Hat' and won a prize.

Right: Tara Stuhr shows off a western style Derby Hat.

Left: Miah Marchello, with her Award Winning Hat,
sits next to Ashley Alonen during the Derby Party festivities.

Riders from Spring Valley Ranch enjoy a perfect day of trail riding on quiet woods roads and trails on Octber 12th, 2013. After the trail ride, they 'competed' in some fun games on horseback back at the ranch and then enjoyed a cookout.
The Spring Valley Ranch Horsemen's Club is a dedicated, hard-working group of horsemen and horsewomen
They are practicing life skills while riding and learning about horses.