My Projects, Past & Present
I enjoy working on old cars and equipment in my free time. The photo's above show my current project, a 1962 John Deere 1010 crawler. I purchased the crawler last fall. The crawler was not running at the time. It had been parked in a field for 5 years. We got the crawler home and running before snow set in. This spring I will start sanding and getting it ready for paint. It is equiped with a 6 way blade and the original John Deere series 10 winch and log arch. It has a 4 cylinder gas engine. I will post pictures of the progress this spring.  This will be the second John Deere Crawler I have done. 

Below are some pictures of previous projects I have completed.  Click on any picture  to see more pictures of the vehicle, both during and after being completed.
71 Olds 442
66 Chevy Pickup
71 Chevy Nova
1952 John Deere MC Crawler
Update:  I have not done any restoration work on the crawler. Instead, it has been seeing use building a new outdoor arena, driveway for a neighbor, pond for another neighbor, pushing snowbanks back.