Spring Valley Ranch

Doreen's accepts a limited number of horses for training each year.  Her specialties are ground work for young horses, starting show horses and advancing rail and performance show horses.

Training costs are $550 per month, all inclusive, except of course, farrier and/or veterinary costs. Horses in training are generally stalled with individual turn-out, however other arrangements can be made if you wish your horse outside more, or if your horse can be pastured summertime with other horses.  Horses in training are generally worked 5 days per week, but the schedule is adjsted to fit Doreen's schedule as well as the owner's.

Specialized training programs have also been set up for several owners who board their horses ar Spring Valley Ranch or who live nearby. In these cases Doreen has worked with the owner and rider together at the same time, allowing the owner to do much or all of the actual riding and training.  Teaching owner and riders how to work with their own horses is as important in the ALL training programs at Spring Valley Ranch as the training of the horse is.


Private, semi-private and group lessons are available at Spring Valley Ranch. A small, select number of lessons horses are available for beginner to intermediate level riders. Riders may also haul their horses to the Ranch for lessons on their own horse, which is a popular practice.

Riders 6 and over are accepted for lessons. Younger children may be given lead-line lessons or just introduced to the horses in ground work, but only very dedicated children younger than 6 years old will be ready for regular lessons. All lessons are developed as to the rider's skills, age and interests, with emphasis on safety of horse and rider. 

Our lessons are based on a 'balanced seat' for the rider, which allows the rider to eventually ride western, hunt or dressage with ease.  Ground work such as grooming, saddling and leading are also a part of each lesson. More advanced students are sometimes encouraged to ride one of the lesson horses in 'free time' for practice, and a large number of our students have eventually chosen to move into show ring training.  Our students show at every level, from beginning and intermediate youth and open shows, to beginning level breed shows, and some eventually to mid or upper level breed shows.


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Doreen Passuello is available to instruct at your clinic. Clinics may be set up one of many different fashions, including demonstrations and classes for horses/riders. Doreen works with all levels and many clinics will have classes for both beginners and instruction in higher levels for competition riders. 

One of Doreen's specialities is show clinics for beginning to intermediate show persons. these clinics often include instruction in all classes including training and showing for halter, showmanship, western performance and English performance.  Being a certified judge, Doreen can really help students see things as the judge sees them.


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Doreen Passuello is a certified and carded WSHC (Wisconsin State Horse Council) and Wisconsin Fairs horse show judge with 20+ years experience. She has judged everything from minis to drafts, youth and open shows. 

With her considerable experience in instructing and training, Doreen greatly enjoys judging horse shows and is more than willing to give comments and helpful critic for complete classes or individual performances, as time and show rules allow.

Doreen has also organized or helped to organize many, many horse shows, 4-H, open and breed shows, and understands the problems that can and do arise. As a judge, she can help keep your show running well.

Note: Doreen Passuello is also an accredited judge for livestock shows, including dairy cattle, beef cattle, hogs and sheep and has judged livestock shows at several county fairs in the Upper Peninsula the past several years.  Call early though as the summer schedule is very busy.
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